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Seymour Shubin, NY Times Bestselling Author of Anyone’s My Name writes, "Two Bits offers an unusual mix of hardboiled writing and laughs, along with a good look into a dark side of the movie business and criminal minds. And topping it all is a stunning twist of an ending."


Requiem For A Soul (Published)
A Kerouac Christ (Published)
Legend of Mind’s Eye (Published)
Down The River (Published)
Two Bits (Published)
Road Dawgs (Published)

“A Kerouac Christ is highly recommended as a thoughtful literary work addressing fundamental issues of purpose and existence within the context of an deftly written and memorable story.” -Midwest Book Review


The Professional (Absolute Write, Futures, Small Press Review)
“Experts” and I use the term loosely (Futures)
Welcome to the Revolution (Futures)
A Critical Responsibility (Futures)
Booksigning 101 (Futures)
Tough Love (Futures)
Welcome to the Revolution (Absolute Write, Futures)

Short Stories

On Trial
Human Condition
(Nominated for 2003 Pushcart Prize)
Tijuana Two Step
A Question of Penance
Past Due
Rough Around the Edges
Jazz Is
Father and Sons
Damn Cool
Dogmatic Siblings
Net Gain
When Illusions Fail
(Nominated for 2004 Pushcart Prize)

Change of Image
Functional Family

The Bath

Tiebreaker (reprinted)

The Bath


Prophets In Metaphors

Washington, DC author Tony Cheatham writes, "With Two Bits, Gaige has crafted a disturbingly humorous crime anchored work where the characters come to life like the usual suspects in a police lineup. The story flows with all the detail and dialogue of a police report. A great work from an author who seems to have one hand typing on the computer while the other one is handcuffed to the bars of a jail cell."

Graphic Novels

When Madness Consumes (artwork by Marcus Lawrence)
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“As this reviewer read TWO BITS, the movie The Sting came to mind, but not just the mob and the con connection. Like that superb movie, this wonderful novel is amusing, at times gritty and definitely darker than the film, and stars a delightful assortment of Runyonesque characters. Still in the end Clint Gaige's strong tale peels down to Archie and Pat, opponents who make for a fine gambol for readers.” -Harriet Klausner
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Midwest Book Review writes, "In the vein of Leonard’s Get Shorty, and Newman’s The Sting, Two Bits is a fine work of cleverly crafted fiction. Gaige invokes anticipation in the reader with fingernail biting vigor. He knows how to move the story at breakneck speed utilizing his host of unusual and savory characters. Tension, it’s in there. Action, it’s in there. Satisfaction, it’s in there."
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